Ubiq-Exp: a Toolkit to Build and Run Remote and Distributed Mixed Reality Experiments

Published August 25, 2022 in Frontiers in Virtual Reality by Anthony Steed, Lisa Izzouzi, Klara Brandstätter, Sebastian Friston, Ben Congdon, Otto Olkkonen, Daniele Giunchi, Nels Numan, David Swapp


Developing mixed-reality (MR) experiments is a challenge as there is a wide variety of functionality to support. This challenge is exacerbated if the MR experiment is multi-user or if the experiment needs to be run out of the lab. We present Ubiq-Exp - a set of tools that provide a variety of functionality to facilitate distributed and remote MR experiments. We motivate our design patterns and tools from recent practice in the field and a desire to build experiments that are easier to reproduce. Key features are the ability to support synchronous and asynchronous experiments, and a variety of tools for the experimenter to facilitate operation and documentation of the experimental sessions. We illustrate the potential of the tools through three small-scale pilot experiments. Our tools and pilot experiments are released under a permissive open-source license to enable developers to appropriate and develop them further for their own needs.


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