Ubiq-Genie: Leveraging External Frameworks for Enhanced Social VR Experiences

Published January 25, 2023 in OAT: 2nd Workshop on Open Access Tools and Libraries for Virtual Reality (IEEE VR 2023) by Nels Numan, Daniele Giunchi, Ben Congdon, Anthony Steed


This paper describes the Ubiq-Genie framework for integrating external frameworks with the Ubiq social VR platform. The proposed architecture is modular, allowing for easy integration of services and providing mechanisms to offload computationally intensive processes to a server. To showcase the capabilities of the framework, we present two prototype applications: 1) a voice- and gesture-controlled texture generation method based on Stable Diffusion 2.0 and 2) an embodied conversational agent based on ChatGPT. This work aims to demonstrate the potential of integrating external frameworks into social VR for the creation of new types of collaborative experiences.

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