2D Interaction

The Ubiq XR interaction integrates with Unity’s UI system. Players can raycast from their hands to interact with Unity Canvases and controls.

To enable Ubiq XR interaction with a Canvas, add the XRUICanvas component to it. Once this Component is added users can interact with the Unity controls using raycasts from the controllers, or the mouse cursor on the desktop.

When using the XRUICanvas an EventSystem is no longer required. Cameras are not required either on World Space Canvases, allowing them to be declared in Prefabs and instantiated dynamically.


The 2D and 3D interaction mechanisms are separate. UI interaction is performed through UIRaycasters. There are XR and Desktop raycasters (XRUIRaycaster and DesktopUIRaycaster). Instances of both are attached to the sample Player Prefab.

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